Welcome to mynotice.co.nz, your local on-line Community Notice Board

My notice works in the same way as a Community Notice Board at your local New World Supermarket, PaknSave Supermarket, Shopping Centers or Sportsclubs in that it allows customers to post notices, classifieds and messages for free.

At my notice, you can quickly and easily add your notice or classified or browse postings and classifieds by Region, Location or Category.

To post your Notice, Event or Classified:

  1. Click on 'Post your Notice'
  2. Select your Region
  3. Select your Location
  4. Select the Category you want your listing to appear in
  5. Click on 'Add your listing here'

To post your Notice in multiple locations:

  1. Click on 'Post your Notice'
  2. Select your Region
  3. Select your first Location
  4. Select the Category you would like your notice to appear in (eg. Community Notices)
  5. Click on 'Add your Notice Here'
  6. On the Add listing page, next to Category, click on 'Change Category'
  7. Click on ' < Back ' twice and this will take you back to the locations list
  8. Select the next location you would like to post your notice at
  9. Select the Category (eg, Community Notices)
  10. Click on 'Also appears in this category' 
Repeat steps 7 - 10 until you have all the locations you want to post at.
  11. Complete the rest of the listing details
  12. Click on 'Submit'

Please note:

  • Notices and messages should be appropiate to the particular local area of the site indicated
  • By clicking on 'Post your Notice', you are agreeing to the www.mynotice.co.nz Terms and Conditions
  • If you notice any offensive listings on this site, please click on the listing and when the item details are displayed, click the Report Button.
  • If you would like to contact us or recommend we add a Location or Category, email us